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TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient healing system that was developed over 3500 years ago. The purpose of this practice lies in restoring your inner balance and promoting optimal wellbeing through herbal remedies as well mind-body practices such like acupuncture,  cupping,  moxibustion, gua shas which help patients heal from their ailments faster than ever before!


Qi is the life force that courses through our bodies, giving us energy to stay healthy. Flowing from one part of your body to another in a network called meridians it provides nourishment for everything inside you- cells and tissues; muscles organs glands . 
Qi also has an effect on how bioelectricity works which regulates cell growth while protecting against illness


QTCM’s preventive approach to health can help you maintain your energy levels and immunity, relieve pain from physical disorders or chronic conditions like arthritis in the joints. It's also useful for improving vital organ function as well as minimizing stress which will prevent many different types of illnesses from developing - especially when it comes down to minimising youthfulness about skin appearance!

At Therapie TCM Spa, e believe that TCM is an integral part of a truly healthy lifestyle and it's how we take charge for your health.

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Back Massage

TCM Biotherapie Massage

Our Signature BioTherapie Meridian Massage combines the principles of TCM concerning the meridians with the latest achievement of modern machine, E-Stim. Its magnetic,vibration and heat energy helps clears the meridians, improves blood circulation, increases the body's energy, and restores the Yin-Yang balance of the internal organs. It can be used to prevent and treat diseases, as well as to maintain good health. The meridians massager is the perfect combination of traditional Oriental medicine techniques and modern scientific developments.

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TCM Moxibustion 

Ai Jiu

material in order to stimulate and invigorate the flow of Qi. The practice has been around for thousands of years and is still used today by traditional Chinese practitioners who treat patients by applying various types of moxa to certain parts of the body.

TCM Moxibustion Ai Ju helps reduce muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation, improve energy levels, and promote relaxation. In addition to these benefits

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Meridian Brush Therapy

Our Meridian Jade Bio Facial combines meridian massage, acupuncture with science of microcurrent. While primarily designed for wrinkle removal and reduction it also assists in draining the lymphatic system removing toxins from your body as well eliminating waste that build up on our skin over time!The amazing thing about this treatment? You can get all these benefits without having any pain or discomfort!



Chronic Pain


Neck and Shoulder Pain


Back Pain



I have been to TCM Therapie Spa just yesterday. The spa beautician, Yen Ling, was extremely experienced and did a good job in her extraction.

Haedy was clear and concise in her explanations of skincare. She was professional and I found her to be informative and helpful.
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