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What is Meridian Brush Therapy?

The Meridian Dry Brush Therapy is a technique that helps to move any stagnation in the lymphatic system, which can cause stagnant pockets for bacteria and viruses. It also exfoliates dead skin cells while stimulating meridians with ‘Qi’ energy- promoting healthy immunity! 

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How Meridian Brush Therapy Works?

he healing power of Meridian Brush Therapy is a one-of-its kind noninvasive treatment that combines TCM Meridian knowhow and western Medicine's study on muscles, bones to manipulate acupuncture points as well soft tissues. It takes place when therapists use the 5 specialized rods to manually stimulate specific meridians with effortless precision while encouraging your body heal itself!

Benefits Of Meridian Brush Therapy

The Meridian Dry Brush Therapy is a holistic technique that involves moving any stagnation in lymphatic fluids, encouraging skin cell renewal with the added benefit of stimulating meridians to revitalise ‘Qi’. It's also been proven effective at reducing inflammation and calming your mind.

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Improves blood circulation

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Eliminates fatigue and swelling

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Improves sleep quality

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Reduce Chronic Pain


Promotes total body detox

Who Should Go For Meridian Brush Therapy?

• Experiencing insomnia
• Facing water retention problems
• Looking to boost their immune system

What Can I Expect After Meridian Brush Therapy?

With each treatment, patients generally feel their body’s tightness and tension eased. Some may experience mild soreness at the pain points which goes away on its own within minutes or hours of finishing a session with us!

How Often Should I Come For Treatment?

Meridian Brush Therapy is typically provided over multiple sessions, depending on the severity of each individual. Most patrons are able to experience relief or a positive change in the targeted area after the first treatment.


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