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What is Bojin Meridian Facial?

The Bojin Meridian facial is a facial treatment that uses the  meridian system to help you achieve an anti-aging effect. The treatment has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pores, and dark circles.

The Bojin Meridian Facial treatment is a non-invasive treatment that uses the Bojin Meridian system which is designed to stimulate your body’s natural energy flow. It stimulates the energy in your face and body by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The facial also includes a light massage and exfoliation which helps release dead skin cells, dirt, and toxins from your skin


How Bojin Meridian Facial Works?

Bojin/ox horn facial is a gentle alternative for those who experience redness and discomfort with guasha. It's less focused on the muscles than guasha, instead working deep into your channels and acupuncture mechanisms to unclog them. Bojin can release tension and help create more flattering facial features. It also can sculpt a slimmer face, creating better jawline contours than you thought possible.

Benefits Of Bojin Meridian Facial

The principles of Bojin Facial are similar to those used in guasha, however it goes deeper into the muscles and does not cause as much redness. An ox horn tool is utilized during treatment so that tense tendons and ligaments can be unlocked which leads us closer toward a more youthful appearance with less stress or headaches relief for users alike! With its ability sculpting slimmer faces by shaping your jawline if you're looking towards achieving V shaped features!


Unblock Meridian Channels

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Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Removes Double Chin

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Remove Skin Impurities


Improve Liver Detoxification

Who Should Go For Bojin Meridian Facial?

Those who have experienced bloating, water retention and dull skin tones may find relief with this product. It can also be helpful for people experiencing dark eye circles under their eyes due to lack of sleep or stress; puffy faces or enlarged pores that lead towards acne breakouts on sensitive areas like your nose!

What Can I Expect After Bojin Meridian Facial?

You can expect to see a brighter skin complexion, visible lifting and reduced dark eye circles and superficial wrinkles after the first session.

How Often Should I Come For Treatment?

We recommend that you undergo once or twice per week. 

Our therapist will determine the best course of action for you depending on your medical history and desired outcomes.


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