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Best 15 Places for Facial Treatment in Singapore | Wellness Spa


Therapietcmspa is a brand that offers a range of facial treatments based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Singapore. TCM is a holistic system of healing that aims to balance the body’s energy, or qi, and promote wellness. Therapietcmspa uses various techniques such as meridian massage, jade gua sha, bojin, and light therapy to stimulate the acupoints on the face and improve the skin’s health and appearance. Therapietcmspa has three signature singapore facial treatments that cater to different skin needs and preferences:

Omega Meridian Jade Gua Sha Facial: This singapore facial treatment combines the ancient technique of jade gua sha with modern light therapy to enhance your natural beauty. Jade gua sha is a scraping tool that is used to massage the face and clear any blockages in the meridians. Light therapy uses different wavelengths of light to target specific skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, or ageing. This singapore facial treatment can help to improve the skin’s texture, tone, and elasticity, giving you a radiant and youthful beauty.

Jade Bio Facial: This singapore facial treatment combines meridian massage, acupuncture, and microcurrent to restore the beauty of your skin. Meridian massage is a gentle pressure technique that stimulates the acupoints on the face and enhances the flow of qi. Acupuncture is a method of inserting thin needles into specific points on the face to balance the energy and activate the self-healing mechanism which can improve your skin’s health and beauty. Microcurrent is a low-level electrical current that mimics the body’s natural current and helps to lift and firm the skin, revealing your natural beauty. This singapore facial treatment can help to reduce signs of ageing and rejuvenate the skin.

Bojin Facial: This singapore facial treatment uses an ox horn tool to perform a deeper massage on the face and neck. The ox horn tool can help to release tension in the tendons and ligaments, as well as sculpt and contour the face. This singapore facial treatment can help to relieve stress, headaches, and pain, as well as enhance facial features.

facial singapore wellness spa (Therapietcmspa)

Image by Arina Krasnikova from pexels

SG Face

Visit SG Face if you have a tendency to have skin that is sensitive, and you will discover the beauty of healthy and radiant skin. The dermatology practice is dedicated to providing individualised care for patients' skin, with the goal of satisfying their specific requirements and preferences. To ensure the best possible outcomes from each therapy, greatest care is taken during the entire process. Deep cleansing facials and oxygen facials are the two primary areas of focus at SG Face which is located in Singapore, which have helped the spa earn its stellar reputation. If you are just beginning your journey toward facial beauty, SG Face is the ideal spot for you to begin your journey. You will find aesthetically trained professionals here that are ready to assist you in evaluating the problem you are having with your skin and recommending the best beauty solution for you. The facial singapore wellness spa makes the well-being of its patients and their families a top concern. Because of this, they have made it their mission to offer singapore facial treatment that is both effective and inexpensive, without compromising the level of quality they offer.

W.O.W Wellness Oneness Wonders

It may sound unusual that this facial treatment in Singapore adds bacteria to the face, but that is exactly what this low-cost facial does in order to restore the natural balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria that is found on the skin.In the serum stage of the W.O.W Wellness Pre+Probiotics Facial, prebiotics and probiotics are used to 'feed' and introduce good bacteria to the skin. This helps to bring back healthy, balanced skin and is one of the benefits of the singapore facial treatment. This implies that your skin's immune system will be stronger, it will be able to retain moisture more effectively, and it will be less prone to irritation.The bonus? The W.O.W Wellness Oneness Wonders spa in Singapore features a stunning indoor garden that is ideal for snapping photos after getting face treatments in order to post them on social media platforms such as Instagram.

The Organic Room

The Organic Room, which can be found on Orchard Road in Singapore, offers facials that are both opulent and accessible, all at pricing that are extremely competitive. An escape from the rush and bustle of everyday life in the city, The Organic Room is committed to delivering a beauty experience that is both opulent and calming to its clients. The emphasis is placed on extraction-free and massage-based treatments that make use of natural, cruelty-free, and certified-safe chemicals. These singapore facial treatments are led by experienced facialists such as Sharifah Fazzeleen. Every customer is an individual, and we tailor our services to meet their specific requirements because of this. During the session, potions, serums, and oils are carefully selected, and the only ingredients that are allowed to be botanical or eco-friendly are used. This ensures that the skin, which is the body's greatest organ, receives care that is both soothing and effective. The items that are utilised are a synthesis of natural and scientific elements, and they promote healing and transformation of the skin in addition to general well-being and protection of the environment. This salon caters exclusively to ladies and focuses on providing organic and natural beauty services. Facials can be purchased here for anywhere between $128 (the trial price) to $268. It is advised for women who are pregnant or who are looking for a beauty treatment alternative that does not include any chemicals and is suitable for use during pregnancy.

facial singapore wellness spa (The Organic Room)

Image by Arina Krasnikova from pexels

The Face Place SG

The Face Place SG in Singapore is a destination for individualised facial treatments, and the facial singapore wellness spa's services ensure that no two facials are ever exactly the same in every manner. Face Place comes equipped with the know-how that comes from many years of experience as well as the accreditation that comes from a team of beauty therapists. As a result of these two factors, placing your trust in Face Place and considering it to be the best facial in Singapore in terms of techniques and products will not cause you to be disappointed.Although the location offers benefits in every conceivable way and positions itself as the best answer to the query "facial near me," one thing that sets it apart from the competition is the fact that it specialises in detailed extraction and also promises face shiatsu massage, both of which can improve the overall appearance of your skin as well as its health.

Only Aesthetics

Only Aesthetics in Singapore provides a variety of additional services in addition to extractions and masking. You will see immediate effects from their exclusive Onlyskin Apothecary Facials since they combine cutting-edge facial methods with in-house facial formulations. There are three different options available to pick from: Whitening (read: not to be confused with skin lightening), Glass Skin, and Slimface. Each of them targets uneven skin tone, dryness, and skin laxity in their own unique way. Because facials are non-invasive, there is no recovery time required after receiving one. You should give it a try for this facial singapore wellness spa centre. A good skincare regimen should be followed in between singapore facial treatments since it is a well-known secret that this will produce better and longer-lasting benefits. We strongly suggest that you try out the H2 Glass Skin series, which consists of a tone-up cream, an emulsion, an essence, and two face mists. They include hydrogen, which is a medicinal antioxidant that assists in protecting the skin from potentially damaging free radicals as well as dehydration.

Mirage Aesthetic

Try out the multi-layer skin booster facial treatment that is offered by Mirage Aesthetic in Singapore. This singapore facial treatment is good for people of all skin types and can address a variety of skin concerns in a short amount of time. However, if you want to target dull and uneven skin tones, the skin lightening facial and the miracle glow facial are the best options for you.Mirage Aesthetic aims to be the number one facial singapore wellness spa as well as the first botanically-inspired aesthetic centre. Mirage Aesthetic has two signature facial treatments that cater to different skin needs and preferences:

Premium Glow Facial Treatment: This singapore facial treatment combines the best of Mirage Aesthetic’s signature treatments to give you a radiant and flawless complexion. It includes RF Nano Crystallize Hyaluronic Skin Booster, Instant Korea BB Glow Laser, and Viva Fractional Skin Resurfacing. This singapore facial treatment can help to improve the skin’s texture, tone, and elasticity.

PDRN Skin Regeneration: This singapore facial treatment uses polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN), a natural substance derived from salmon DNA, to stimulate cell growth and repair damaged skin. It also includes Medi-Ionic Face Treatment and Viva Diamond Polar to enhance the effects of PDRN. This singapore facial treatment can help to reduce wrinkles, scars, pores, and pigmentation.

facial singapore wellness spa (Mirage Aesthestic)

Image by Arina Krasnikova from pexels

Cecilia Westberry Beauty Spa

Everything about this facial singapore wellness spa is designed to relax guests in Singapore, from the soothing colour scheme to the warm and welcoming personnel. Cecilia Westberry provides a variety of facial services and is located on Block 6 of Holland Close. Cecilia Westberry Beauty Spa is a brand that offers a range of facial treatments based on the best of both worlds: natural and high-tech. Cecilia Westberry Beauty Spa in Singapore uses premium skincare products from brands such as Biologique Recherche, Guinot, and Intraceuticals, as well as advanced aesthetic technology such as micro-needle roller, microdermabrasion, and light therapy.Their Hydra facial and BR facial have proven to be their most sought-after services thus far. The former is known for its ability to hydrate the skin, which helps fight acne and outbreaks, while the latter infuses your skin with anti-aging characteristics so that it looks younger. This facial singapore wellness spa takes the process of developing face treatments with the clientele in mind extremely seriously.

Ivy Aesthetics Hydration Facial

Ivy Aesthestics is a Singapore-based establishment that provides facial treatments.Ivy Aesthetics began as a home-based business; however, the company has now expanded to a salon space in Punggol Oasis Terraces, where it offers a variety of facial treatments to its clients, including facials, waxing, and permanent hair removal.Those who have dry skin may want to think about getting the Hydration Facial at the salon, which thoroughly cleans and moisturises the face at the same time. The singapore facial treatment begins with a thorough washing, and then continues on to include steaming, exfoliation, and extractions. Following the application of a soothing mask, the esthetician will use a hydration machine to give your skin a pleasant shot of moisture. The singapore facial treatment will then come to a close with the application of a cool mask.The facial singapore wellness spa prioritises the well-being of its clients and their families. As a result, they have made it their purpose to provide facial treatments that are both effective and affordable, without sacrificing the degree of quality they provide.

Maska Beauty

Since its opening in November 1997, the Singapore location of Maska Beauty has been providing a high level of client service for the past 24 years. During each visit, they strive to make their clients feel at ease and at home while also assisting them in achieving radiant, healthy skin. This is part of their purpose. Maska Beauty in Singapore is committed to exceeding the expectations of each and every customer during each and every visit. As a result, the company has created a faithful community of regular customers who trust them for their facial requirements, and many of these customers have recommended that their friends join. They have garnered a reputation in the market as a dependable and trustworthy service provider thanks to the recommendations of their customers.At Maska Beauty, we specialise in giving our customers a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. They advocate for their customers to take a much-needed break from the pressures of their hectic lives and feel that the most important journey one can take in life is the journey back to themselves. They provide the ultimate in revitalization and relaxation by providing a comprehensive range of professional face treatments as part of their service. Those who wish to make taking care of themselves a priority and reward themselves with a luxurious beauty service will find that Maska Beauty is the ideal location.

Peachy Skin Bar

Peachy Skin Bar is a facial treatment facility located in Singapore. The professionals that work there believe in providing clients with feel-good, individualised facials. There is no ignoring the truth that our skin may be as unstable and fragile as a moody child. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Because of this, using the utmost caution is very necessary. In case you were unaware, a variety of skin-based problems can be caused by factors such as hormonal imbalances, different types of environmental pressures, and even the persistent shifts in an individual's present skin condition. Peachy Skin Bar, which treats all of these issues in a comprehensive manner, is the solution, thank goodness.The facial singapore wellness spa puts the needs of its clients and their loved ones first. As a result, they've made it their aim to provide reasonably priced, high-quality facial therapy that won't break the bank.This is one of the best facial treatments in Singapore that you can try for yourself.

facial singapore wellness spa (Peachy Skin Bar)

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Swiss Perfection, a forerunner in the field of cellular anti-aging skincare, obtains its renowned Cellular Active Irisa by extracting it from the root cells of the Iris Germanica plant. The unspoiled gardens of the Swiss family-owned castle Chateau de Vullierens, which was built in 1706 and is home to one of the largest varieties of the flower, are where the compound that possesses remarkable restorative and regenerative effects due to its high composition of enzymes, proteins, and antioxidants is extracted. The Chateau de Vullierens is one of the oldest castles in Switzerland.The exquisite variety of skincare products from the brand are included in a series of revitalising face treatments at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Singapore, which is making its unique premiere in Singapore for the very first time. For instance, the Perfect Lifting treatment (which costs 480 Singapore dollars) is designed exclusively for ladies. It significantly lifts and strengthens the skin while also actively encouraging cellular renewal. Adding on a revitalising RS-28 Intensive treatment will cost an additional $560 and will help reduce inflammation while also further plumping up the skin.

My Facial Room

Wilson Lim opened his home-based salon, known as My Facial Room, after he decided he had had enough of the exorbitant costs of facial treatments in Singapore and decided to create his own business.You won't have to worry about the dreaded hard-selling when you book your facial with him since he believes that obtaining a professional facial should leave you feeling joyful and good-looking while also allowing you to keep some of the money you spent on the facial.My Facial Room is a brand that offers professional, safe, effective and affordable home facial treatments and skin care services in Singapore. My Facial Room in Singapore uses high-quality products from brands such as BABOR, Dr. Spiller, and Dr. Grandel, as well as various techniques such as scrubber, coolight, and alginate mask to improve the skin’s condition and appearance.My Facial Room has one outlet in Singapore: Block 154 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 570154.

The Pamper Room

Anyone interested in getting a facial treatment can receive services that are outstanding, luxurious, and pleasant at The Pamper Room in Singapore. You must go to this establishment at least once because it is widely regarded as one of the best massage spots. The front desk personnel are warm and welcoming. In addition to this, patients are given regular advice on how to care for their facial skin. They can handle a broad variety of skin disorders, such as laser hair removal, acne clearance, double deep cleansing, and many more, with the utmost precision and care because they are extremely perceptive, attentive, and skilled in this area. The Pamper Room provides its patients with recommendations for the cosmetics and skincare items that would help them attain the best possible results. In addition to this, they adhere to the utilisation of a comprehensive strategy in order to accomplish the most successful outcomes feasible. At the Pamper Room, the experts on staff educate, motivate, and empower the consumers to take control of their sensitive skin.

Facebar n Skin Swift Facial

Facebar n Skin Swift Facial is a brand that offers express facial treatments based on Korean skincare technology and products. Facebar n Skin Swift Facial aims to provide fast, effective, and affordable facial services for busy and budget-conscious customers. Are you short on time? The Swift Facial from Facebar n Skin which is located in Singapore is an express facial that revitalises your worn-out skin in fewer than thirty minutes! In all seriousness, your skin is provided with all it requires in as little time as possible, without skipping any of the essential steps in the process. The facial begins with a consultation about the client's complexion, and then continues with a thorough cleansing, the application of a serum for blackheads, and a face massage for a calming experience overall. After that, a machine that penetrates serums is used to push all of the beneficial ingredients deep into the skin, and then a facial mask is used to seal in those ingredients' effects. At the facial singapore wellness spa, the health and happiness of its clients and their families are very important. Because of this, they have made it their goal to provide face treatments that are both good and cheap, without lowering the quality of their services. Facebar n Skin Swift Facial has three outlets in Singapore: one in Tanjong Pagar, one in Tampines, and one in Bedok.

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