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Treat Mom to a Blissful Mother's Day Experience at Therapie TCM Spa!

Singapore's leading massage and spa specialists for the Best Meridian Massage in Singapore.

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Our Special Mother's Day Promo

75  minutes


for 2 pax


Give Mom the Gift of Wellness

Treat her to a pampering session she truly deserves.


Experience the Ultimate Relaxation

Our skilled therapists will ease away stress and tension, leaving you both feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Quality Time Together

Share precious moments of relaxation and bonding with Mom in our serene spa environment.

About Meridian Massage

TCM Meridian Massage utilizes a combination of long sweeping strokes along the energy pathways in the body, combined with targeted pressure at specific acupressure points. Meridians are believed to be a part of an intricate communication system that regulates the flow of life energy throughout the body. They link the organs with feelings, physical reactions and sensory perception. Acupressure techniques involve putting pressure on the specific points on one's body to provide relief from ailments. It not only helps with local problems but also sends healing signals through pathways in the body known as meridians to improve various conditions.

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Our Special Mother's Day Promo

75  minutes


for 2 pax

Benefits Of TCM Meridian Massage

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Back Pain
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Blood pressure monitor

Reduces Stress &

Increase Relaxation

Reduces Pain & Muscle Soreness and Tension

Improves Circulation, Energy &


Lowering Heart Rate &

Blood Pressure

Improves Immune System

How Would I Feel During Treatment?

A variety of TCM massage techniques are used including oscillating and pressure. Yin techniques are more gentle and meditative while yang techniques are dynamic and physical. This combination allows for practitioners to create intense sensations at blocked meridians while helping to spread Qi to other parts.

How Would I Feel After TCM Meridian Massage?

With each treatment, patients generally feel their body’s tightness and tension eased. Some may experience mild soreness at the pain points which goes away on its own within minutes or hours of finishing a session with us!

How Often Should I Come For Treatment?

We recommend that you undergo once or twice per week. 

Our therapist will determine the best course of action for you depending on your medical history and desired outcomes.

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Our Special Mother's Day Promo

75  minutes


for 2 pax


Very good massage and value for money. The manager Hedy was very nice and she offered me the 10 time tummy slimming package. Hedy is a very straight forward and down to earth person so you can request what you are looking for. Rose, Nana were really good therapists. I strongly recommend! 5 stars!


Lynn Lim

Pleasant first time experience here, and it's a new store. Nicely renovated. The masseurs were friendly and professional. Enjoyed my massage here. Thank you.



Have been a long-time customer, really enjoyed their massage service which usually comes with detox services like gua sha & ba gua.

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Find Us

22 Malacca Street, #04-01

RB Capital building, 048980

Tel: 6538 5538 | 6538 5539

9am to 10.30pm

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